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How do you know what you don’t know? - Issue #16

Richard Allaway
Richard Allaway
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Ikumen: How Japan’s ‘hunky dads’ are changing parenting - BBC Future
Are you teaching pro-natalist population policies? Have you used the Japanese ‘hunky dads’ government programme as an example/case study yet?
I recently came across the article linked to above, from BBC Future. The article, teamed with a visit to the official programme website, and the following video from Quartz should give you all that you need to develop some useful teaching resources.
Ikumen; the Japanese campaign to make fatherhood sexy
Ikumen; the Japanese campaign to make fatherhood sexy
I have added The Ikumen Project to 1.3.2 Ageing societies - Japan on
IB DP Geographers
Submarine Cable Map 2022
Unit 4: Power, places and networks → Human and physical influences on global interactions → Our “shrinking world” and the forces driving technological innovation: changing global data flow patterns and trends
Updated annually, the Submarine Cable Map is a thing of beauty. The submarine cable systems network across the planet. I am sure this newsletter reached you via combination of them. You can download it as an image and even purchase it (rather expensive, always fancied it, not sure where I would put it).
I put this page together after returning from the most recent Geographical Association Conference. After digging around, for a while, in my emails and on Alan Parkinson‘s (must read) blog Living Geography - I can confirm that the 2022 Conference witnessed the 11th Beer Meet and 8th TeachMeet.
A day in the life of (almost) every vending machine in the world | Business | The Guardian
I wasn’t sure if there was quite enough geography in this excellent article from The Guardian - so I shifted it to the ‘Random’ section. Saying that, there is certainly plenty of geography in it, I’m just not sure how I would weave it into one of my lessons.
For those who don’t fancy reading it - The Guardian have put it out this week as their Audio Long Read podcast episode.
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Richard Allaway
Richard Allaway @gatwUpdates

How do you know what you don’t know? is about spreading some of the things that I am finding useful and sharing it in an easily accessible and digestible way.

The first item will be for all geographers based on bigger ideas and everyday geographies. The idea behind the second item is something that is more focused on the needs of IB DP geographers, educators and students. The item will be linked to the syllabus but other geography educators and students may find it useful too. The third section is a quick update on something I am working on. New content added to, or refreshed on geographyalltheway, something I have recently written, or am involved in. The fourth and final item will be a bit more random. It will be a recommendation. Probably a bit techie, an app, an online service, or similar.

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