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How do you know what you don’t know? - Issue #3

Richard Allaway
Richard Allaway
All Geographers
Free FT for schools | Financial Times
The Financial Times offers free online subscriptions to students aged 16-19, their teachers, and schools around the world! If your school hasn’t signed up yet - get it sorted as soon as possible.
There is lots of writing with a geographical focus as well as many interesting graphics that could easily be used as lesson starters or plenaries.
There is also the Financial Times’ ‘Geography class’ page where teacher advisers recommend FT articles and provide tasks to “help improve study, exam and interview success”. Here is a tweet about a recent resource I contributed to the ‘Geography class’ page →
FT for Schools
#geographyteacher #ibgeog @richardallaway article and suggested classroom questions - global change: Britain needs immigrants if it is to survive the climate storm @RGS_IBGschools @ibgeography @gatwUpdates @Heino1Olli
IB DP Geographers
BBC World Service - The Lazarus Heist
Global Interactions → Unit 4: Power, places and networks → Our “shrinking world” and the forces driving technological innovation: changing global data flow patterns and trends + patterns and trends in communication infrastructure and use
Global Interactions → Unit 6: Global risks and resilience → Threats to individuals and businesses: hacking, identity theft and the implications of surveillance for personal freedoms
This series of 10 podcasts is brilliant! Well produced, enjoyable, and with so many links to the IB DP Geography course - especially the Global Interactions Higher Level content.
‘Places explored’ (that I shared in the last issue) are the places that I use for examples and case studies in my lesson resources on I have now added a breakdown of ‘places explored’ by IB DP Geography exam paper. This page shows all the ‘places explored’ when I am teaching Units 1, 2 and 3 of Global Change. I need to make more use of South American, and Middle Africa examples!
Tech Pouch | Peak Design Official Site
A bit of a ‘luxury’ recommendation this week. We ‘hot desk’ at school, and teach in a number of different classrooms so have to carry our stuff around. I have used a ‘Tech Pouch’ for all my dongles, cables, chargers, spare batteries, pens etc for over a year now, and it’s one of the things I use nearly everyday, and think ‘this is really well designed’!
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Richard Allaway
Richard Allaway @gatwUpdates

How do you know what you don’t know? is about spreading some of the things that I am finding useful and sharing it in an easily accessible and digestible way.

The first item will be for all geographers based on bigger ideas and everyday geographies. The idea behind the second item is something that is more focused on the needs of IB DP geographers, educators and students. The item will be linked to the syllabus but other geography educators and students may find it useful too. The third section is a quick update on something I am working on. New content added to, or refreshed on geographyalltheway, something I have recently written, or am involved in. The fourth and final item will be a bit more random. It will be a recommendation. Probably a bit techie, an app, an online service, or similar.

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